90-90 Selling


We live in a time of great irony. There is an infinite amount of data and information about your buyers and potential sales prospective customers today. Yet, most business owners, executives and salespeople choose to simply hustle and guess at what will get customers.

Why approach selling with such an expensive and unquantified approach? It may have made sense to simply put your head down and work harder back when we didn’t have information about your buyers. However, we have an immense amount of data that a capable sales partner could assimilate and help you increase your sales conversions and revenue numbers from.

You don’t have to guess.

You can get strategic and analyze your data with statistical tools and know-how. This requires a simple business decision to invest in your selling and discover where to find buyers, why they buy and how to convert them towards paying customers.

Our 90-90 Selling program is a way for you to sell much more than you are doing today. Here’s how we engage:

  • We dedicate a sales conversion analyst to look at your site visitor behaviors
  • We analyze the information with statistical tools for regression analysis to find the sales optimization points using over 10,000 data points to gain a 90%+ confidence level
  • We assess and test sales strategies for conversion
  • We give you the plan for implementing the sales conversion strategies

You will have data intelligence and be able to sell smart vs. simply guessing. We take the guesswork out of how to get more traffic, why people buy and what strategies to use to increase sales.

It’s 90-90 Selling. 90% confidence from statistical analysis within 90 days depending on your data set.

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